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Harmaya Engineering Services

Construction, engineering, and facility management are some of the segments that have not been able to gain much of value based milestones in the recent past. At Harmaya Engineering Services, we heavily rely on groundwork laid down by our team of professionals ensuring we take sturdy strides towards delighting our clients through our tailored services.

Honest promises, grounded approach, hard work and a zeal to marvel our prospects and clients, runs throughout our organizational culture and has long been appreciated by our clients. It is also noteworthy that apart from boasting a great team we also ensure that the equipment, raw material, and products used for construction, engineering, and facility management are of top notch quality.

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As a bare necessity, we take electricity as a right. However, it takes a lot to safely make it available throughout the building or house. Our electrical services cater to both phases of pre-post construction.


It is quite possible that you have endured damp walls and faulty tap connection and have felt helpless. To put an end to any such nightmare, we take plumbing as seriously as a doctor thinks of surgery.


It is not just a compliance issue for us. We sincerely believe in importance of adhering to standards for fire fighting and integrate the same during our pre-post construction regimen.

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