Globalization, localization, and fast development in field of information and technology have narrowed down our interaction level with one another as a person. It is a bitter fact that, nowadays, people do not know much about their neighbors or people living in the locality. And this presents a real concern for security of our loved ones.

To meet to such requirement, we at Harmaya Engineering and facility management have roped in best of class security service personnel. These servicemen have been trained or come from a background where they went through extensive training and so have developed a keen eye.

Whether you are considering employing them for your office or home, they are able to present with best in class security. Right from register maintenance of the visitors to managing them park they vehicles to scanning the packet, parcel, bags that they intend to carry into the building is all well managed by these security personnel. More importantly, you do not need to manage their duty hours or any other schedule as we have a spate team of professionals to manage such chores.